Welcome to Nutmeg Licensing

Welcome to Nutmeg Licensing

A licensing agency with a difference.

Our aim is twofold:

We identify responsible companies creating sustainable products and services as potential licensees for the Eden Project.

We help, predominantly but not exclusively, consumer products companies to progress along the path towards a sustainable future.


A veteran of the licensing industry, June established Nutmeg Licensing eight years ago with the aim of taking a more sustainable approach to the licensing industry. This has evolved into two separate areas of focus, as the sustainable licensing agent for the Eden Project and as part of The PurposePeople, a joint venture dedicated to supporting businesses on their sustainability journeys.

Building on years of practical experience, June successfully completed the Business Sustainability Management program run by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in 2020. She continues to develop her sustainability-based knowledge on both a practical and theoretical level.

June is also a Founder Member of the Sustainists, an alliance of like-minded business professionals dedicated to developing sustainable work practices.

Why Change?

Our way of living is being threatened by the climate emergency, with the world changing around us. New norms are being established – what was once acceptable is no longer tolerated, so we all need to adapt.

It makes good business sense too. Millennials and Gen Z, often referred to as ‘Generation Green’, form much of the consumer and employee base. Increasingly they are demanding environmentally friendly products and services, whilst employment decisions are often made based on an employer’s drive towards a sustainable future.

So what does living and working sustainably mean? Not harming the environment. Appreciating that we only have one world and that, by definition, we are limited by finite resources. Accepting that we need to be in balance with nature to survive.

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Eden Project

The ethos of the Eden Project has always been underpinned ‘by the understanding that we need to live with the grain of nature and that everything is interconnected. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.’ (Source: www.edenproject.com)

As their Licensing Agent, Nutmeg Licensing seeks out innovative companies offering sustainable products and services that promote responsible living. Connecting with the Eden Project brand provides companies with a meaningful way to tell the stories behind their products and services.

Nutmeg Licensing’s remit is to find like-minded companies interested in developing long-term partnerships with the Eden Project, partnerships which often extend beyond the remit of licensing.

If you believe your company would be a good match and would be interested to explore this further, please get in touch.

The PurposePeople

Nutmeg Licensing is part of The PurposePeople, a joint venture with Arthur Parry which offers consulting and advisory support for organisations of all sizes in the initial stages of their sustainability journeys. As business professionals, June and Arthur understand the importance of accommodating people, planet, and profit, in the pursuit of sustainability.

Some companies don’t know where to start, while others have taken the first few tentative steps or have a range of measures in place but are not sure what to do next. The PurposePeople uses a suite of tried and tested modular solutions to help companies to understand what those all-important next steps could be.

If you would like to hear more, please get in touch.