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The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work together towards a better future.

Eden’s licensing programme is inspired by the millions of plants which are growing in their Rainforest, Mediterranean and Outdoor Biomes.

For Eden, licensing products is not about lending their logo in exchange for a royalty.  Sustainability is at the heart of the Eden Project and they believe they have an obligation to ensure that the companies they work with share similar values.

The Eden Project licensing programme is steadily growing, with licensing partners sourcing sustainable products across garden, home, gift and food. 

LSA International's beautiful CANOPY range is themed around hydration (drink ware) and propagation (including planters) has won multiple awards including a prestigious iF Design award.

Fresh Coffee’s coffee capsules are made from biodegradable bioplastic, contain organically sourced coffee and are home compostable in 26 weeks.

The LifestyleGarden range of garden furniture from ScanCom International is responsibly manufactured from sustainable materials, including table tops and legs made from recycled FSC sawdust and virgin resin.

Gallery Thea was established in 2001 by talented illustrator Thea Cutting, whose light-hearted designs are inspired by nature and her coastal surroundings in the picturesque seaside town of Southwold, Suffolk. 

Thea's designs naturally lend themselves to a range of products, and the licensing programme is borne of a desire to see her uplifting designs raise a smile across a wider audience.

My Gifts Trade offer a range of Gallery Thea ceramics, kitchen textiles and accessories, featuring the 'Flora'  and 'Seaside' designs.

For the past few years, Thea has illustrated a range of RNLI Thea Cutting dated stationery printed on FSC paper, in collaboration with Carousel Calendars. The latest 2021 range now available at retail.

Doodle Girl is a doodle, but she's not just any doodle, she's a doodle with a very BIG heart who lives in the pages of a magical, big red sketchbook.

Celebrating the power of imagination, Doodle Girl is brought to life by the delightful doodles of talented illustrator, Marnie Maurri, and the lyrical wording of authors Lindsay Taylor and Suzanne Smith.

Doodle Girl has a unique approach to problem solving, coming up with creative and often unexpected solutions to the problems she and her friends encounter.  The latest adventures of Doodle Girl are inspired by the Good Life Goals, which encourage everyone to do their part in living more sustainably.

Blue Eyed Sun’s gorgeous range of hand-finished greeting cards are based on original artwork by Marnie Maurri   The cards are printed on board from a sustainable source and are hand finished with biodegradable flitter and jewels, with envelopes made from FSC certified paper.

A new series of books is under development, to be published on demand by Your Stories Matter.

An animated series of Doodle Girl is also in the pipeline.