As the world evolves, so too is Nutmeg Licensing, with the focus firmly on sustainability within the context of licensing.

As a licensing agency, this means not only developing licensing programmes with sustainable brands such as the Eden Project, but also offering support to companies which are looking to start their sustainable journeys.

Increasingly, companies are recognising the need to become more sustainable, but are not sure where to start.  Some of the questions they are asking themselves include:

  • What does becoming sustainable involve?  Is there a commercial case for starting our sustainable journey?
  • What does Net Zero actually mean?  What is the difference between Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions?
  • What is the Circular Economy?  Should we be adopting its principles?
  • What would sustainable licensing look like for my business/brand?  Will this gain the support of the senior management team?

Nutmeg Licensing's aim is to offer â€˜the missing ingredient’, an insight into the world of sustainability built around knowledge and experience of the licensing industry.

Why Nutmeg Licensing?

In naming her licensing agency Nutmeg Licensing, June Kirkwood was looking for a natural sounding name to reflect her growing passion for licensing in a more sustainable way.  Over the last six years, June has been working with the Eden Project to develop a constantly evolving licensing programme in a way which reflects their ethos, with sustainability at the heart of everything they do.  This has been a learning curve, which recently was enhanced significantly by completing the intensive Business Sustainability Management course run by the University of Cambridge.  

Armed with a better understanding of sustainability and what this will mean for the licensing industry, June is aiming to use this knowledge to support more licensing companies as they start on their sustainable journeys.

A member of the Products of Change Group, which is leading the industry towards a more sustainable future, June heads up the Carbon Zero initiative.

June is also a member of the Sustaineers Consultants, a group of like-minded professionals passionate about bringing sustainable solutions to the workplace.